Virtual Support Services

What better avenue of virtual support than dealing with technology savvy, remote working experts, at an affordable flat rate cost (with no markups)! We can assure that you will get the personal touch, the feel and presence of someone working alongside you, because we’re that good at virtual support. Over the last 8 years, we’ve become virtual support experts as our remote working experience came long before COVID and all the trends that have come into play. We have flexible service options with four different support packages you can take advantage of in your personal or professional life- Entry Level Administration, Project Management/Event Planning, Human Resource Administration, and Executive Assistant. Click below to learn more.

Maybe you’re just looking for some basic clerical work to be done.

  • Dedicated administrative support
  • Scheduling meetings and maintaining calendars
  • Correspondence, emails, answering/routing calls
  • Tracking expenses
  • Create and maintain digital filing system
  • Assist in document collection for tax filing.

Maybe you’re a start up that needs the HR function created for you, but you’re not ready to hire someone on full time yet. Or your existing HR practices, processes or procedures are in need of a serious update. We are NOT handling your payroll or benefits administration as part of this package.

  • Identification of technology tools and resources.
  • Identifying, updating, or creating processes and procedures.
  • Onboarding.
  • Employee data maintenance.
  • Policies and procedures.
  • Best practices.
  • Even recruiting.

This option covers the whole kitten caboodle, it’s everything we offer above, all rolled up into one package.

  • High level administrative support.
  • Background and experience to handle supporting any C-Level executive and everything that goes along with it.
  • Travel Coordination.
  • Implementing technology resources like Google Suite (Domains, website, email accounts, chat mechanisms, group shared calendars, digital voice).
  • Identifying applications that make sense for your business (doing a search and implementing).
  • Setting up a remote/virtual work environment (this is great for the small business owner, or anyone, and helping them with this transition).
  • Personal Support to include:
    • Scheduling doctor or other types of appointments.
    • Sending out holiday cards.
    • These can be the little things, when you think about how full your plate is).

About Our Team

AIS Corporate was born in 2012 as a result of our CEO, Angela Antony, recognizing there was a significant gap for every business when it came to an ideal supplemental recruiting solution. As a result Flex Recruiting Services was born as a new, fourth, methodology of recruiting. In addition to the new methodology came the birth of an entirely new business model when it came to workforce management in a 100% remote working environment. 

In 2020, during the pandemic, the AIS leadership team identified a new way to apply the same methodology and business model to virtual support. As a result the Virtual Support Services (VSS) division of AIS Corporation was launched in March 2021. 

The key to the innovative approach of VSS was to create an opportunity for any business leader, in any industry, any size company, at any phase of business maturity to have access to expert virtual support from seasoned executive assistant professionals. The model provides incredibly flexible service packages but with that same, valuable and critical one to one connection any solid business leader and support expert should have. The flexibility stretches from a corporate executive all the way to a two working parent household who are in need of support to plan a family reunion or manage their challenging family and personal needs. There are five different service options with affordable time commitment options to make this realistic for any one in need of support, even a stand alone business leader like an insurance agent, accountant or attorney. 

Bottom line—- who couldn’t use an extra hand these days!!

Angela Antony
Managing Partner

The creator and pioneer of Antony International Solutions (AIS). With more than 20 years of corporate recruiting and over 10 years of business leadership experience, she has created a brand recognized for its innovation, quality, flexibility, attention-to-detail, and efficiency. Since 2012, AIS has worked with a multitude of different clients and industries. As a result, she has proven that the innovative business model and methodology of the Flex Recruiting Services and Virtual Support Services business lines are the ideal solutions for any business or business leader.

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Hannah Hillig
Virtual Support Services Team Leader

Hannah comes to our team with years of HR and operations experience. She will be collaborating with our COO to work on taking our behind-the-scenes operations to the next level, and she will also be an integral part of our new Virtual Support Services division.

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Kristin Hannah
Virtual Support Specialist

I am most excited to join a team of people who are there to help each other. I agree with AIS's company values and this is very important to me. I am proud to join a small company who has become very successful. I look forward to continuing AIS's success with my efforts!

Lisa Whiteford
Virtual Support Specialist